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Can't copy chat text using institutional account even when others can


I can't copy chat text in any meeting, even when other people can (including people with identical accounts using the same SSO at my institution) when I use my institution's account ( I can copy chat text if I switch to personal (e.g., Google) account.


When I search for answers to this problem, I only find solutions like this one suggesting the inability to copy chat text is caused by a host disabling the "Allow users to save chats from the meeting" setting, which is not the case for me. My inability to copy chat text appears to be linked to my individual institutional account (not the call or host). When I select text in a Zoom call's chat and "right-click" (control-click), I only get a "Select All" option. I've been on Zoom calls with other people with identical accounts in the same institution and they can copy chat text during the call while I cannot. I can also host my own calls with my institutional account with saving chat enabled and still cannot copy chat text. I haven't been able to copy text in any Zoom chat with my institutional account for well over a year. I can't copy links or text shared in chat. Very frustrating!


It's as if some setting connected to my institutional account has disabled the copy chat text feature for only me. I've looked through Zoom client settings and advanced settings for my institutional account, but haven't been able to find any "don't let me copy chat text" setting. When I reached out to my institution's help desk, they suggested I contact Zoom for support. I can't simply abandon my institutional account and always use a personal account, since there are features linked to my institution's plan and some calls that require I use my institutional account to attend.


Any suggestions on what might be prevent a specific user account within an institutional plan from being able to copy chat text? Is there some setting only administrators of an institutional plan can see that could prevent individual accounts from copying chat text (i.e., something setting I could direct my institution to check for my account)?


Running latest version of Zoom client (5.11.3 (9065) at the time of this post) on macOS Monterey (12.4) on a MacBook Pro with M1 (MacBookPro18,2)