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Zoom OAuth 2.0 Token Expiration

I am using Zoom's OAuth 2.0 in my application. I want to know how long a refresh token is valid. Also, if it expires (suppose after 6 months), how will I get a new refresh token?

Can't add collaborators to marketplace zoom app

I have a marketplace zoom app which I'm the owner of and I'm trying to follow the instructions to add app collaborators from here: . However, I do not have the option to "Man...

cfahim by Listener
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Text Notifications

Hi does anyone know how i can have text notifications go out to multiple people when scheduling a meeting. I see the option for muliple email address but not for the texts. I often schedule meetings with couples and it only give the option for one ph...

Queue for questions in Webinar

We are running governance voting sessions on Zoom based loosely on Robert's Rules of Order. We are looking for an app where people can queue up to ask a question, propose an amendment, or speak for and against what is being proposed. We would like a ...

BCMA by Listener
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Zoom Sdk integration with android.

i have integrated zoom in my custom app for meeting purposes but I am facing issue that I want to solve, the issue is when somebody download our app from plays tore the zoom SDK will also installs separately on their devices. I want to hide zoom SDK ...