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Zoom API W/Slack

Does anyone use the Zoom API for Slack? I am trying to figure out how to uninstall and reinstall. It tells me the link I intially downloaded zoom to has expired. Anyone using Zoom in Slack?

I cant add zoom to slack

Hi, I am trying to add zoom to slack and I keep getting this error message. Unable to install this app without the developer's account. Please contact the app developer to install. I have added all the permessions and its still giving me the same rro...

eldan88 by Listener
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Active App Notifier Report not working as expected

Hey all,I wanted to see if the Active App Notifier Report works as it says it does.I added a marketplace app (Meeting Tools, Timer, Transcription, Notes w/ Read) to my account and used it during some active meetings. As stated in the attached link, t...

Zoom Phone Oauth 2 Authentication with Salesforce

I am attempting to configure a Zoom Phone integration with Salesforce and I have not found a lot of documentation around building a Zoom Marketplace app to configure an OAuth connection with Salesforce. Does anyone have any documentation or support o...

Salesforce Integration with Zoom for Healthcare

Has anyone tried to integrate Salesforce with Zoom for Healthcare? I've been able to successfully integrate Salesforce with my standard Zoom account, but I'm now being asked if it would also work on Zoom for Healthcare. Is anyone aware of a reason or...

Run 2 meetings at same time

Hello Everyone, I have a wordpress website using tutor lms pro, I have integrated zoom via JWT api keys, I need run 2 meetings at same time from 1 account, What is the package suitable for this task?

Problem on JWT token

Good Afternoon. I tried to install a JWT token with a "far away" expiration on my application client. I do not understand why this token is rejected. Usually, the token is rejected when an account is created with google or Facebook "fast sing up" met...

GEPAL by Listener
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