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OAuth app submission / Resolved

I am reaching out to report an issue I've encountered in the final steps of submitting my OAuth app for review. Despite ensuring that all prerequisites and form fields have been completed, the submission button for my OAuth app remains inactive. Ther...

dowowtv by Listener
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Resolved! Permission to update a Marketplace app

There is a Marketplace App called LTI Pro that has been updated. Someone that no longer works here set it up. Even though I am also an Admin, when I go to the LTI Pro page to update it, the "update" button is not active. I've dug through settings and...

JTrent by Listener
  • 3 replies

Meeting SDK for .Net C#

I want to integrate the zoom app with .net C#. But unable to find the Zoom SDK. The sdk zoom provided is in cpp files which my project is not accepting. How I get dll files from zoom and integrate with zoom sdk

Zoom Affiliate

Hi,I was going to promote Zoom on my website, means put a link and a logo on my site.Is that allowed or is there anything like an affiliate program?Thanks very much in advance

MaKumVA by Listener
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Getting Invalid access token during OAuth

For some reason, i'm getting this error when connecting an OAuth app "Invalid access token, does not contain scopes:[user:write:admin, user:read:admin, user:read, use (truncated...)" This happens when calling the endpo...

Active App Notifier Report not working as expected

Hey all, I wanted to see if the Active App Notifier Report works as it says it does. I added a marketplace app (Meeting Tools, Timer, Transcription, Notes w/ Read) to my account and used it during some active meetings. As stated in the attached link,...