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Fitnesscourse overlay

Hello dear communityI need an overlay for my online gym that shows both the times and the exercises. I have been using intervalcam and fit2live for the last two years. Both no longer work with the new Mac software updates. Does anyone have a solution...

ElisaE by Listener
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Unable to verify my domain

Hi,I am unable to verify my domain in zoom marketplace. Despite following all the steps mentioned:Download containing a verification codeCreate a folder zoomverify under root and make it viewableUpload the file to your domain and put it in the folder...

mag2018 by Listener
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Your Zoom Video connection needs attention

We have setup Einstein Conversation Insights in our Salesforce organization and have everything setup. We have over 90 people connected and it's working fine. However we have one user who is getting a yellow banner with "Your Zoom Video connection ne...

Pardot App - Unable to configure Webinars

We installed the Pardot App through Marketplace 3-4 months ago. Things seemed to be working correctly until now.Recently we've begun having a problem where we are unable to select the Pardot registration/attendee/absentee list. When we try to access ...

msmith3 by Listener
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Deauthorization Event

Hi,I am building zoom app and for that I need to add a deauthorization url. For that I need to configure the deauthorization webhook and validate the url. Somehow I am unable to find the deauthorization webhook in Features/Event Subscriptions.I am bu...

mag2018 by Listener
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Third party integration

When trying to acess a Weight Watcher meeting on Zoom, i get the message cannot access on Android 14. I've been using the WW app and Zoom for years. All of axsudden i can't get in to the meeting. There is no option to update. Any ideas? Ww says it's ...

Mentimeter video doesn't work in webinars

Hi, I use the mentimeter integration in zoom webinars, but for some reason video slides never work during the webinar itself, it stays stuck while loading the videos, while in the 'regular' mentimeter environment it works normally. Does anyone know h...

Tim10 by Listener
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Evernote App issues

Hi.I am a basic user of zoom, but to make life easier i wanted to use Evernote app from the marketplace. The app can be integrated with Zoom in order too make notes.But for some reason it never works always giving me error message. (see attachment - ...

domain validation failed

Using oauth app domain validation I have followed each step carefully and my domain is still not validated. Can you please help me to manual domain verification.