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Zoom Meeting is Not Getting Launch

I am using Zoom SDK, Version - 5.16.10 and i am not able to launch the zoom meeting i am not getting success after passing the JWT token.As the token which i am getting i am verifying it on website also but it is giving Invalid Signat...

Oauth2.0 Application submit

Hi everyone! I am trying to submit an oauth2.0 application. In order to do so, there are some requirements that need to be uploaded on the app: - SSDLC - SAST and/or DAST- Excerpts:a)Provide excerpts from your privacy statement containing the languag...

Prezi Video Camera option now not available

I did a software update on Mac (Sonoma 14.1.1 ) and running Zoom Version: 5.16.10 (25689) and Prezi Version 2.22.1 (10843) Now I see that although I can open the Prezi files (PVL) there is no Prezi camera option provided in Zoom and so cannot integra...

AndyB1 by Listener
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Zoom OAuth 2.0 Token Expiration

I am using Zoom's OAuth 2.0 in my application. I want to know how long a refresh token is valid. Also, if it expires (suppose after 6 months), how will I get a new refresh token?

Struggling to record a meeting involving Mentimeter

So, I'm trying to implement Mentimeter into my lessons that need recording. Sometimes, Mentimeter will show for the first part of the recording, but when I move to the whiteboard after I have returned to the Mentimeter screen, it's just black on the ...

SophCBL by Listener | Zoom Partner
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Evernote App issues

Hi.I am a basic user of zoom, but to make life easier i wanted to use Evernote app from the marketplace. The app can be integrated with Zoom in order too make notes.But for some reason it never works always giving me error message. (see attachment - ...