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Add Personal Outlook Calendar Integration


I am trying to connect my personal Outlook calendar to Zoom to integrate them.  When I click on Office O365, I'm not able to use OAuth 2.0 because it's only used for work or school accounts.  When I try to authorize it, it asks for an EWS URL and I don't know what that is for O365.


I've tried using the following: 


and I receive the following error:

"The request failed. The remote server returned an error: (401)Unauthorized."


When I use I receive the error 
An error has occurred. Make sure the information you entered is correct."


Has anyone had any success linking their personal O365 with zoom?



I have had no success. This has resulted in my having to synchronize my Outlook Calendar with a Google calendar and then link Zoom to the Google calendar. This creates all kinds of problems. The moment you are linked to a Google calendar, the option to create an .ics appointment disappears. So I have to create the meeting, copy the meeting information, then add it to Outlook manually. Nothing I have tried fixes this, and I've been through many combinations of "solutions" that do not work.


In addition, if I use the Zoom Outlook add-on, it periodically gets shut down automatically by Outlook.


You could use APIs to synchronize your personal outlook with Zoom and ensure your meetings are synced. If you are not a developer there is a marketplace app, Salepager, that can sync your personal Outlook to Zoom. There is a also an Outlook plugin but it intermittently has issues or gets shut down.