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What are Events and Webinars?

Market and host interactive experiences with the Zoom Events all-in-one virtual event platform or host engaging webinars with Zoom Webinars. Explore the Zoom Community's Recent Activity below to join the Events and Webinars conversation and connect with other members. If you're still looking for support, browse our Zoom Events and Zoom Webinar support articles or start a new discussion below!

Recent Activity

Need to Assign Multiple Sessions to an Attendee

We are building a Zoom Event with 22 sessions happening in three different time blocks all on one day. We are NOT using Zoom registration. We will upload/pre-register all attendees. Each attendee will choose three of the 22 sessions (1 in each time b...

Resolved! Simulive Webinar

I have a Zoom Sessions License (pay per attendee), which i have taken to use Simulive feature with Zoom. When I schedule my Webinar, I don't see the Webinar Type where I can select Simulive option (as shown in the training videos). Any help would be ...

Webinar registration page

I cannot find any code for a webinar registration page. I want my own landing page on my site so that I can customize it to fit the best-converting landing page recommendations. Ideally, I want a registration form with a dropdown menu so that my peop...

EstherY by Listener | Zoom Partner
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When I am attending a zoom meeting and the presenter puts up their slides I do not see them on my side of the zoom?

Zoom wont Launch!

Hello I need my zoom to launch i have several platforms and I can only show/share on one news feed/platform. no good. this just started 4 months ago. and now today it stops and starts and pause during the meeting. please help me thank you. I have Ver...

ウェビナー参加者レポート メールアドレス出力について

ウェビナーの参加者レポートについて、「2022年3月:変更の報告に関するFAQ」を拝見する限り、記載の方法以外では、基本的にメールアドレスは記録されないものと解釈しております。 しかしながら、下記画像の通り、最近になりウェビナー立ち上げ時に参加者レポートにメールアドレスを含める設定が選択できるようになったと知り合いから話を聞いたのですが、こちらが事実かお分かりになりますでしょうか?当方ではそのようなレポートをZoomのHpで発見できず、投稿させていただいた次第です。 ①ウェビナー設定時 ②ウェビ...

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exdcrs by Listener
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