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can't log in zoom by Facebook


Hi everyone! I don't know if somebody encounter the same problem, that is I can't log in zoom by Facebook suddenly. ¿Does anyone know how to solve the problem?

Thanks very much beforehand.


The pop up window said: Actualmente, esta aplicación no está disponible y el desarrollador está al corriente del problema. Podrás iniciar sesión cuando esta se reactive. 


I am not sure if I press some button wrong, but today I just can't log in zoom by Facebook, and I have tried all means to log in, and the zoom service always asks me to go to the front page, which is exactly where I used to log in, and can't. I also aked chat service to ask ai, but they only said that I need to go to the front page. 


Can someone help me?


Thanks for reading the message. I appreciate every help. 


Isabella Wang.