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Zoom transferred my account owner to an unknown third party, seems fraudulent!!


I tried to log onto my zoom account, it says no account associated with my email. I am the organization account owner. I logged in as another admin and it appears zoom transferred my account owner email to an unknown gmail account. It seems fraudulent, yet without an active account, I spent 20 minutes trying to get through the AI Bot support to access a person. Finally, when talked to a support person, all they said they would do is escalate it and to wait for an email response.


Completely inadequate response by Zoom. I wanted to stay on the support line as I had no other way to contact zoom without an active account. They were unable to reinstate my email and just kept telling me to wait for an email response and then ended the chat. They wouldnt transfer me to technical support, just ended the chat!


How does someone just take over and replace the account owner email?! I found a support article that explains a few ways to change the account owner, and it appears the only way for me or the other admins to not know this happened is if, and I quote from the article, "If the account owner is no longer with the company and you cannot access their email, contact contact Zoom Support to change the owner. You will be required to verify your identity, relationship to the account, and billing information for your request to be considered." There is no way a random gmail account should be able to fake Zoom support to become to account owner! What is Zoom doing??


I should migrate our entire organization off of Zoom. 



Sounds a similar experience to me re zooms customer service. Absolutely useless and looking at other options.