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Zoom knew my new credit card and charged me


Hi everyone


Last week, I lost my credit card and cancelled it. The new card has arrived, but I haven't even opened the letter. Meaning, I have not updated any website, or zoom, with my new credit card details.


This morning, my subscription to whiteboard, automatically charged me on the NEW credit card.

How is this even possible?


I never updated Zoom with my credit card details.


I was able to get in touch with support, and they cancelled the subscription (I don't use whiteboard).


But how on earth did they know my new credit card details?  Is there some kind of agreement with banks to pass on subscriptions from one credit card to a new one? I just don't get it.


The invoice clearly has the last 4 digits of my new credit card. It's very weird.


Has anyone else had this experience?







It did the same to me, which was quite shocking. I tried to contact zoom and find out, but didn't get anywhere. I had to cancel my plan anyways...

I figured out why.


When you get a new card, some billers have access to a new feature, that somehow carries overyour old card subscription details to the new card. So even if you cancel a card, your new card can still be charged. It's not cool. Maybe there's a way to opt out of it, not sure.