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Still getting billed for a subscription I cancelled months ago


Hi Folks, 

I cancelled by subscription for the paid service (pro) service in  Nov 22, but I am still getting billed for it. My account was show a 'Free' account, but I was still.getting billed. So last month I deleted by free account and hope that would solve the problem, but I am still getting billed.  Can anyone help me solve this ?  I firstly want to stop paying £14.39 a month and I also feel like the last 6 months should be refunded. 

If any Zoom emloyee reads this, my invoice no. is INV207180852 and the account was under another email address, not the one I am logged in to now to write this message. 

Many thanks,



Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hello @PaulDiffley 


Cancellations become effective as of your next renewal date, and your services will continue until the end of your current subscription term. See Cancelling Your Subscription for full details. 


For more specific questions, I recommend that you submit a request to Zoom Billing for assistance. They may need to access your account to determine the issue.