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Request for Re-activation of 500-person Zoom Package


I am writing to address an issue regarding our Zoom package subscription and to seek your assistance in resolving it.

In August, we initially purchased a Zoom package for 100 participants from your company. Subsequently, we upgraded our subscription to accommodate 500 participants between September and October.However, in October, we sent an email requesting the cancellation of the 500-participant package. Our intention was actually to cancel the second package and continue with the initial 100-participant package we purchased in August. We only wanted to remove the additional 400 participants and continue with the original 100 participants. Unfortunately, due to a technical glitch or misunderstanding of the situation, we were unable to establish effective communication with you. Consequently, the entire package was canceled. Knowing that refunds are not possible, we now request the reactivation of the second package, i.e., the provision of Zoom service for 500 participants. We plan to continue our partnership in this manner. We believe that you will understand our issue and resolve it promptly. We look forward to receiving a positive response from you as soon as possible.


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hello @betul 


Unfortunately, Zoom Community isn't able to assist with subscription issues. This will require a Billing ticket so they can access your account to review it.