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Major Billing/Account Concerns - Just Migrated to Zoom


Hey Zoom community - wanted to pick your brain on a VERY unusual issue and I'm hoping some of you can help, as the billing support team has not gotten us the support or assurance we need here. Sharing a timeline of events for context and I would love it if someone could provide us meaningful advice:

  • Opened a zoom account in december, assigned a credit card and purchased Zoom phone licensing
  • Immediately after purchasing the licensing, we prepared our numbers to port via the system (which we scheduled a few weeks out)
  • Days later, after the number port was confirmed, our newly created account was unexpectedly suspended, citing a violation of terms or acceptable use. We panicked and canceled the number port immediately, out of fear of losing our numbers to a winning carrier (Zoom) that canceled our account. If we lost our numbers, our business would be hosed.
  • Fast forward a week or two, and Zoom billing team sends us an email saying our account was canceled in error on their part, and has been reinstated.
  • Seeing that everything is okay, we reschedule our port to weeks later (again). Port goes smoothly and we've been using the service for a few days without issue.
  • Our second invoice came up due today and the credit card rejected, which is odd because it works perfectly. Tried three unique cards to pay the bill (two business cards and then even a personal), and all of them rejected. Billing team is telling us this is an issue with our cards, and I'm convinced it's an issue on Zoom's end somehow.  There is no way three different cards are all problematic, and the banks are not flagging it.

Given the unusual history, we are very concerned our account could be suspended and all we want to do is pay our Zoom bill. If we lose service somehow (or our associated numbers) this could destroy our business. Any advice is greatly appreciated!





Dear Zoom team 

Yastaday date 16.04.2024 i pay the amount of Rs.15576.00 to wordes Zoom Pro subscription and not acutivet please   Cancellation and Refund the amount Rs:15576.00