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I added a new user and transferred my license, and now I cannot log in to Zoom


The Problem

I purchased an annual license with my personal email address and wanted to transfer it to my work email address. When doing so, I received an error telling me that the email address already exists in the system. After researching the issue in their help section, it seemed like I might need to invite that user into my team, transfer the license, and then I can utilize it as expected. However, it didn't work. I was able to add the user, verify the account change, transfer the license, and now I cannot log in using the new email.

The Desired Outcome

How can I log in using SSO for my new account, so I can access Zoom again? The profile section is showing my sign-in email is still pending verification and it won't let me accept the confirmation because it says my email is already in use.








Any help in getting this resolved would be GREATLY appreciated.

And as a side note - it's absolutely absurd that Zoom doesn't even have live chat or email support for their licensed members. I bought an annual license and now have to figure out how to troubleshoot this issue just to be able to use my license again.


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hi @GetFractional welcome to the community! I see you have opened a ticket with our Support Team. As the agent or you may've resolved this, do you mind sharing as to the steps it took to resolve this issue if other users in the community have a similar discussion to yours? 


Thanks and glad to see that this got resolved 🙂 

Zoom Community Moderator

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