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Test case for Zoom Events

Hello all, I am considering purchasing Zoom Events, purely to get acquainted with it at this stage - I do not have a live use-case at the moment. Does anyone have a non-profit, non-chargeable, or community event they'd like to collaborate on using Zo...

Rupert by Creator
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Share Slide Advancing Control

Looking for a solution to a centralize slide deck for a long event where presenters don't want to say "next slide" and we are able to pass slide control to the next presenter. I know this isn't a zoom thing as is, but imagine others may have the same...


Just joined the community. Thank you Zoom for saving my small business. When selling my wine door to door became impossible due to COVID, I started using Zoom platform for virtual wine tastings. Just educated 500 Pfizer employees on Balkan - Eastern ...