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Webinar Recording Doesn't Resize Video Thumbnail to Match What We See On Screen


During our most recent webinar (settings which we believe were copied from previous webinars), the video in the recorded version (saved as a local file on our computer) did not match what we saw on our screen. 


We like to expand our video thumbnail so we take up extra space. This has worked perfectly in the past, however with this webinar, the recorded version only showed a small thumbnail rather than our correct, larger, resized thumbnail. 


I have included 2 images of our webinar to this note. The first (correct) webinar from earlier this year, and the second from our most recent webinar with the smaller thumbnail. While we were recording, the smaller thumbnail was "properly" sized to take up the entirety of the top right corner, exactly as it was recorded on the earlier good recording, however when we saw the final recording the most most recently webinar, the video thumbnail was substantially smaller (as seen in the image included). 




Wondering if you managed to solve this? experiencing something similar where thumbnails of two or more people side by side in a local recording are coming out smaller than the live webinar


Would love to know the solution to this problem as well. We've not changed settings, record in the cloud, and now the speaker pops up in a tiny box in the upper right corner of the recording. What I really would like is for the recording to show the speaker(s) on the black frame to the right of the shared screen as it looks during the live event. Thanks in advance for any help!!