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Unable to see whiteboard in the Zoom Workplace Window


Since the last update to zoom_amd64.deb on May 18th, when I open a Whiteboard, I can see the selection of new or previously used Whiteboards as it should be. Also, when I enter the same session as a separate user on my iPad, I can see the whiteboard after opening.
Alas, on my PC, in the Workplace Window, the Whiteboard only appears for a few seconds, with the icons for a guided tour of the new functions. After that, the Window remains pitch black, only the blue and red Controls on top (You are collaborating on this whiteboard / Close whiteboard) visible and functional. The Whiteboard itself remains visible, no controls, no error codes, just black.


I am using Zoom in Ubuntu 22.04.4 LTS on a Lenovo V 14-IIL