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Issues with updated Zoom using Whiteboard and Apple Pencil


Recently Zoom was updated creating several issues for me. I have confirmed that this is not just an issue for me. All updates have been made on my end, but to no avail. Here is what is happening ... When I use the whiteboard with an Apple Pencil, I am unable to change the color simply by clicking on the color options. If I don't use my Apple Pencil, then the color change works properly. However, as soon as I use the Apple Pencil, the color pad only works fir I first click on the "T" and then back to the pencil and then to the color pad. In addition, the eraser on the whiteboard sometimes erases parts of the board that the eraser isn't even near. These issues did not occur in the past. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to fix this?



Hi - I had exactly the same issues, and what I was told was that the Whiteboard available under 'Share Content' is the old whiteboard. If you open Zoom on the iPad and click on the three dots on the right, you will see an option for a Whiteboard - this is the 'new' whiteboard. This whiteboard doesn't have the eraser sensitivity or problems with changing the colour of the pen - however it comes with its own set of problems, the really annoying one being that you cannot rest your palm on the whiteboard to write (which was possible with the older version). If you let your palm rest on the whiteboard when writing, the whiteboard either moves up/down or zooms in/out - the zoom buttons are located on the bottom right, exactly where one would rest the palm. Plus it has no highlighter, and doesn't automatically navigate between screens (if you change your whiteboard to the next page, it doesn't automatically do so for the end user ). So the choice is between the devil and the deep sea when it comes to whiteboards!

Thank you, Flowerscat. On the "new" whiteboard, the color palette still requires that you first click on the pencil and then select the color. The pre-updated version did not require this. So frustrating for someone who uses Zoom primarily for the whiteboard and frequently changes colors! In addition, the eraser is also now a "two-click" operation since you first have to click on the pencil and then select the eraser. The version prior to the updated version was so much better for my purposes. If there is a Zoom PM reading this, is there any hope for a new update to rectify these whiteboard issues?

@BearyBear Sorry for the late reply. Yes we are actively looking at this an exploring a design to make an annotation toolbar that does not require you to click a bunch to switch between pen styles!

@Flowerscat Hello! sorry for the incredibly late reply. We made a bunch of updates to the new whiteboard with support for Apple Pencil and palm rejection. Would you mind giving it another go and letting us know what you think? Thank you!

Unfortunately I still have the same issues - cannot rest the palm on the whiteboard otherwise the whole screen moves around.

I also have a new issue since the last few weeks where the colour palette cannot be changed by clicking on it with the pen - I cannot now select a single item of the toolbar with the Apple (gen 2) pen (on the latest ipad air). Instead I have to use the fingers of my left hand to select the tool on the menu (i.e. pen, or text box, or the select tool), then I am able to use the pen to change the colours/thickness etc. It is a real nuisance!

@Flowerscat we are tracking an issue where the canvas jumps if you touch the screen while an apple pencil is within a close proximity. so that fix should resolve the palm rest issue.


I'm also seeing the issue you described about not being able to select the pen tool with the apple pencil, which is a bug. In the short term, you can simply draw on the canvas to automatically enable the writing function. 

Thanks - will give that a try!


I agree, the new version's eraser sensitivity is a huge problem! I uninstalled the new version and re-installed the previous version and now it's working just like it used to!

How do you find/install the older version on an ipad?


I’ve been going back and forth with tech support on this issue…not solved yet..hoping soon! 


Love the new whiteboard, but the cursor constantly jumps around, especially when my palm rests on the iPad.

@hwillits Thank you for calling this out! I can confirm its a bug. We are actively working on a resolution. It looks like the canvas pans if your pad sense your apple pencil BEFORE your touch the canvas with your palm. It doesn't happen if you touch the canvas with your palm THEN the pencil gets close enough to your ipad to register its proximity. 


Either way, its a bug and we are going to fix it!

Hi any news on when we can expect a fix? It’s making use on iPad very chaotic. 

Hi @gbliss - I was personally running into this issue myself while testing with an apple pencil and an ipad pro attached to an iPad magic keyboard 😞 


We are currently targeting a fix in Whiteboard version 1.15 which will be available on April 24th. 

Great! Thanks for sharing the date! Will make things a lot easier.