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Terrible User Experience in the new Scheduler


First of all, the USER experience of scheduling was changed without real notice that it had been changed. Second, it no longer offers me a choice of scheduling a meeting in iCal, which is a requirement for me--my non-profit is Mac based and we use the Apple Calendar app, not Google, Outlook, or whatever else you offered. I could go backward and use the old version, which I did. Thank you for that. I hope you will allow iCal scheduling going forward, as the others are useless for me, a head of a small non-profit.


My next problem relates to POOR CUSTOMER experience. I tried using the chatbot, and it pretty much couldn't understand anything I was asking--I was looking for a way to provide feedback on the new interface, assuming that Zoom would like it. I spent my entire technical career working in UX and then in CX, and I feel like Zoom may be relying too much on engineers to do experience design--do better at understanding your customers, and acting like you care.