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Zoom Rooms - Auto Login Status


Hello Everyone,


I'm support a client and they have 1500+ Zoom Rooms across multiple locations, I'm trying to prepare report to check what are the Zoom Rooms are configured and not configured.


I knew that we can manually check the device assignment status but it involves lot of manual work and time.


Thank you in advance!


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hi, @Balajigadi9009 


What do you mean if they are configured or not? If a room is visible in the Zoom Room list, it should be configured and if it is not, then it does not show?


If it helps, you can do an export of enrolled devices and a detailed export of rooms. Please check




Screenshot 2024-05-28 at 13.21.40.png






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Thank you,


Thank you for responding.


I think my request was not clear, I will try explaining again. 


Our Zoom Rooms are placed in multiple locations and I come across few were configured for Auto-Login setup through ZDM service and due to that they are logging back with profile details when it reboots.


I have also seen a few were not configured for this setup and we are receiving reports for those and then configuring for Auto Login through ZDM.


As we have closely 2k Zoom Rooms, may I get it as a report to check what are configured for Auto login and what are not?


Thank you! Your support is much appreciated.


Balaji G.