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The requested service is not available


Just signed up for the unlinted US/Canada but I cannot make a call.  I get a message that says, "The requested service is not available in your calling plan"


Community Champion | Zoom Partner
Community Champion | Zoom Partner

hi smartalex,


assign your unlimited us/canada plan to your user that needs to make outgoing calls.


please also see

Your Guide to Getting Started with Zoom Phone


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thanks,  eliot

Hi smartalex, in addition to what Eliot mentioned, I would also check under Account Management/Billing and find the Zoom Phone section.  View/Edit Countries/Regions would allow you to doublecheck that you have outbound calling to the United States enabled.





I tried all options. I have tried calling my own cellphone. Same result. I tried calling my neighbor's land line. Same annoying recording. 

1) Did you follow my instructions to check the billing settings?  If you check admin/account management/billing then scroll down to the Zoom Phone section and click on "View/Edit Countries/Regions" and verify United States is checked under the call out tab and if it is not please check it and save.


2)  As Eliot mentioned did you confirm the user account that is trying to make a call is assigned the US/CA Unlimited calling package?  


3) What is the caller ID set to under the dialpad when placing the call?  Is it a valid US 10/11 digit telephone number or just an extension?  If just an extension the user needs to be assigned a valid phone number for outbound calls.