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Testing a phone prior to signing up?




I have a Yealink T41P which is listed as certified hardware, however there is a caveat in the Yealink notes section which states that ZTP is allowed only once on this model post it's EOL date in June 2020.


The assisted provising guide appears to indicate a way to provision the phone should ZTP not work. Based on this can I assume that the Yealink T41P should work bar any other unrelated issues?


If this is the case, is there a way to test the phone to ensure it works and can be provisioned prior to signing up? 








Community Champion | Zoom Partner
Community Champion | Zoom Partner

hi nickccc,


if you want to try zoom phone, you can signup for zoom phone monthly plan.  the unlimited usa plan is $15 per month per user and metered plan is $10 per month per user.  you can cancel anytime.  It's pretty easy to set up zoom phone.


if you are considering moving your business phone system to zoom with lots of users, the zoom sales team or zoom partners may help you test your T41P phone. 


I would not suggest using any desk phones past their EOL because of support and security concerns.


many zoom phone users use zoom free desktop client and or mobile apps instead of desk phones.


thanks,  eliot