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Provisioning MP504


MP504/508 has WAN and LAN MAC Address. Which mac should i use to provision it on Zoom


Community Champion | Zoom Partner
Community Champion | Zoom Partner

hi desultory,


According to zoom support article, you should use the lan mac address.

AudioCodes MP504/508 (formally M500Li) ATA device provisioning (


verify that the mp504/508 has the correct firmware.  as of 6/2/2024, the firmware should be 7.26A.356.630

Model name

Mutual TLS with AES-256 encryption

Call media (SRTP)

Firmware supported


MP504/508 (formally M500Li) Analog Gateway



(Manual upgrade only)



Zoom Phone Certified Hardware


Please also see audiocodes article.

Setting Up AudioCodes MediaPack ATAs for Zoom


If you plan to use mp504/508 for faxing, please see zoom support article

Setting up faxing (AudioCodes MP1288, MediaPack MP504/508) (


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thanks, eliot



Hi Elliot 


I will have the connections, connected from "WAN" interface (support tells me to connect to WAN). with that said. I need to perform csr on "LAN"?
is that correct? Lan interface would not be connected to anything. Is that the case?

Can you advise, i would need to re-do all my csr, to be facing towards LAN

Community Champion | Zoom Partner
Community Champion | Zoom Partner

hi desultory,

are you connecting the mp504/508 to one of your lan switches?  if so, i believe you should use the lan interface.  the mac address is normally printed on the device.  


according to the hardware installation manual, wan interface connects to cable modem and lan interface connects to switch.

MediaPack 504-508 Hardware Installation Manual (


i am not too familiar with audiocode ata.  i usually use an ata that has zero touch provisioning such as grandstream.


thanks,  eliot