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Need 10DLC SMS Campaign Submission Help? Video Available!

Zoom Employee
Zoom Employee

If you still need to submit your 10DLC campaign or have a rejected campaign that needs to be re submitted, below is an amazing recording from a recent webinar we hosted that walks you through submitting a campaign and and how to avoid your campaign being rejected. Watch the recording below!


Also if you'd like to register for an upcoming live webinar you can do so here.




It's a superficial video that covers the obvious.

The ongoing issues of the approval agencies not reading privacy policies correctly, stating there is no privacy policy, or misreading notifications is ongoing.

Unless we simultaneously view the video and chant an incantation to open a parallel universe where those who are reading the applications will actually pay attention to what they're doing, there's little value in the video for the issues many are having.

It would be appreciated is Zoom actually were more proactive instead of throwing a link at us. Just sayin.'


I 100% agree and I am sure that many more would do. Other forums also ranting about whosoever is reviewing the campaign not spending even a few minutes on our brand website. Looks like that vendor wants to be able to access our brand website in 2 seconds and be able to see the privacy policy in BIG BOLD letters on top of homepage. 

This is so frustrating. 

Do we even have a number we can reach at and talk to someone about it? or just keep resubmitting the campaign hoping that one of the tries will magically work.