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I cannot use the Zoom Phone


I recently purchased the unlimited Phone but I can't make calls. It says that the "Service is not available on your calling Plan"

I'm from the Philippines calling to Australia


Can someone help me?


Community Champion | Zoom Partner
Community Champion | Zoom Partner

hi erwin_sy,


you should check with zoom sales.


i believe, you would need zoom phone pro global select licensed to whatever user is making calls to australia.




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thanks, eliot


Hi Eliot,


The purchase was made before, but the account is still showing Phone Basic.




Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hello @erwin_sy If you can make outbound calls, more specifically international calls to other countries but Australia, it is possible that Australia might not be enabled as an allowed destination; the situation might be similar if you can make Outbound Domestic calls but not international calls.

You will need to have Admin access to check and make the changes, but please take a look to the following document that explains the process better and more concise than I. 


If this doesn't help solving the issue, can you tell specifically which is the Calling Package name you purchased and confirm it is allocated to your Zoom User?

Also, I assume you have a credit card associated with your Zoom Account (or some type of payment agreement if it is an Enterprise Account), or some "pre-payment minutes plan" in the account that might need to be double-checked.


I hope this helps and please let us know.



Hi Vinnie,


We purchased Pro, but the account is still showing Basic



Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Understood @erwin_sy ; that is a different issue: When you purchase a Zoom License it doesn't get allocated to a user automatically, you have to assign it; on the screenshot you sent, look below where it says ADMIN > User and you will wee (once selected your user) how to change the "User Type" and allocate the license. Take a look to this document:


This should surely address your issue.




ok i'll b back.