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Giving a Non Admin Permission to view User Performance Reports for other users


Hey everyone, 


I'm in the middle of a Zoom Phone POC and trying to find a way to give managers in the company access to view the User Performance Reports for members of their team. I've given my test user the phone power pack and now they can see the report but its restricted to only theirself. I as admin can filter by user or dept.


Surely there must be a permission in roles or somewhere that allows the user to see others reports. 

This is how it looks for me



This is how it looks for my "manager" role



Anyone else run into this? Surely someone's manager wants to see their teams stats without giving full admin



i'm fairly new to zoom myself but if i'm understanding your question you will to create a specific role the managers to view the performance reports, you can customize the settings once you create that role

Hey Jeff, thats exactly right. Problem is I can't figure out what combination of permissions I need to give that role so they can see other users. Trying to give the lowest level of permission if possible. Don't want to have a bunch of managers roaming around with near full admin

Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hi @DerekPer 


The managers will need the admin access and ZP power pack access to see User performance reports. Please see details here:


Then there is also the Phone usage reports where you do not need the Power pack add on but users need to be admins

Details here:


Hope that helps

Hi @sachinzoom - is there any way to limit Admin permissions to take away Edit rights for these users? To the original poster's point, I want to give managers permission to see reporting but I don't want them messing with other settings. Thanks!