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Call Queue Voicecalls are ringing to offline/busy members, creating multiple missed call logs in SF


Hi Everyone, hoping someone here may have an answer for this.

We moved to ZoomPhones recently and are connecting to Salesforce using the Zoom CTI.
We have an issue where inbound calls to a call queue are attempting to ring offline/busy users/DND users.
I can see this in the logs, after expanding the details of the incoming call. It is marking users as 'No Answer' but they are offline/Away/Busy on another call/in DND.
We are using Rotating for the call queue distribution, which says it will round robin between available agents, but it is including unavailable agents as well. It seems that the call queue is unable to determine if a user is unavailable until it tries to route the call to them.

This is making the Analytics completely incorrect (Offline user for a day has 43 missed calls and apparently answered 23, but they are on holiday's and completely offline haha) as well as creating multiple missed call logs inside of Salesforce which is affecting our task work.

Call comes in, and despite being answered by an available agent, there are 2-3 missed call logs for agents who were on break, offline or on another call, which they then call back cause they believe it was a missed call, but it was answered by another member.

Anyone else experiencing this, and have any ideas on a fix/resolution? Zoom Support has been unhelpful is solving this for us, stating that users should manually save call logs to avoid this, but I want to know why it is even trying to call them in the first place if they are offline.

Thanks in advance for any assistance!


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi @jlaurie 


Have you checked to make sure that you have the Call Queue options "Allow Call Queue members to set their own Business Hours" and "Skip offline members when ringing" both switched on? - See Attachments


I hope that helps!




Contributor I
Contributor I

Yep, that one option about "Skip offline members when ringing"  should fix that. I assume that on vacation agent had not logged out of the queue?

I'll also note that you almost certainly want "Handle multiple incoming calls simultaneously" enabled as otherwise the queue will only be ringing agents for 1 call at a time.

Once that is enabled, it will process #calls/#num-loggedon-agents number of calls at a time instead of just 1.


I've also seen this in Reports and Analytics reporting on Historical reports where agents had missed a call while on a call.