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Add speed dial line keys for batch users


Hello. I am trying to bulk add speed dials for all my phones. I located Phone System Mgmt > Users & Rooms > Import > Add Key & Positions and successfully uploaded a CSV with the desired speed dial assignments. But they are not transferring to the phones and I am not sure what steps to take next. The instructions seem to imply they should just appear, but they are not. The phones are Yealink T46S with updated firmware. Thank you!


Community Champion | Zoom Partner
Community Champion | Zoom Partner

hi factor110,


thanks for making me aware of this very useful function.


i tried adding a speed call to a yealink sip-t54w by uploading a csv file.  the file uploaded and a few seconds later the speed call was added to the next available key position on my yealink phone.  i also tried with a poly vvx 450 and it worked.


make sure you include the first row which is the header row and then add Email - user email addresses, Key Type -  SpeedDial, Key Assignment - any internal extension or ten digit (US) outside number,  and Alias - speed dial description.  make sure you save the file as csv.



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thanks,  eliot