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zoommtg links not opening Zoom client in Firefox browser


Last week, on Tuesday, 29 April, I used Zoom for the first time in several months and I noticed some new problems. When I clicked on the "Join meeting" link provided in the email, I was taken to the "Join meeting" page, as usual, and received a popup asking if I would like Firefox to open zoommtg links with System Handler (I used elementaryOS). Usually, it would ask if I would like it to open zoommtg links with Zoom client *OR* System Handler. When I choose System Handler, now, nothing happens! System Handler fails to open and Zoom client does not launch.


No problem, I can just manually select the application that zoommtg links will open with. But wait, this is a problem, since the Zoom application is well-hidden deep within my files somewhere (and it is intentionally difficult / impossible to find). So no, I can not manually select the application that zoommtg links will open with.


I have done several clean installs to make sure there are no versions of Zoom lingering which may be causing problems. I even installed all missing dependencies so that I could install via the recommended zoom_amd64.deb distributed from the Zoom download webpage, itself. Finally, I checked if these zoommtg links launch the Zoom client when I used a different browser and, indeed, Chromium was able to launch the Zoom client and connect me to the correct meeting.


As Firefox is my preferred browser, is it possible to fix this? I was given a meeting URL but no meeting code, which made joining the meeting via Zoom client impossible to do just using Firefox. It's not the end of the world, but it's pretty inconvenient, especially considering that older versions of Zoom did not have this same problem.