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video extremely out of sync with audio on Zoom meetings--what is the problem?


I am looking for an answer as to how to address a very bad problem with sync of video and audio in real time on Zoom meetings. I am repeatedly having the video suddenly stop staying in sync with the audio, and it lags 5 seconds or more behind, which makes a Zoom meeting impossible. It doesn't necessarily resolve even if I log and back in. It is starting to happen most of the time. I had this come up a couple years ago as a recurring problem, investigated with my internet provider and Apple, and then with Zoom, and there was never an answer or useful advice. It seemed to mostly go away on its own, but here it is recurring and making Zoom almost useless unless solved. I have not had it come up with non-Zoom apps.
This is in live meetings, not recordings. I have a Mac Powerbook. I have fast wi-fi speed. It wasn't happening at all for some time, so I don't know why this is now happening. No one I know has experienced this, so no one has any advice.
Does anyone out there have an idea or good advice? Zoom support online has nothing I can find.



i am experiencing the same issue on my chromebook. it happens after a meeting has someone share their screen. Eventually zoom freezes so i leave the meeting. i have been offered several things to try but none work. I have been told to clear my history and make sure i don't have extra tabs open

I have this problem consistently on Chromebook, but not on Android or Windows PC,


I have this problem, too. I can't find any support on the Zoom portal.  How do we get help?

Community Champion | Zoom Partner
Community Champion | Zoom Partner

hi dlcogan,

I suspect that the issues you are having may be mac os, zoom client, and or network related. 


It is always best to use a direct connection to your router because wifi is less reliable, has more errors and has lower download and upload speeds.  Make sure that your router has the latest firmware.  Network issues can also be the fault of your internet service provider including faulty equipment such as cable modem, gateway device, faulty ISP network cables or fiber and poor interconnection to the internet. 

Wireless (WiFi) Connection Issues - Zoom Support


As a quick starting point, you can run a speedtest using your existing wifi connection.  Compare what you are paying for against what you are getting in terms of download speed and upload speed.  It took me ten cable tech calls to get the coax cable from my home to the isp pedestal on the curb replaced.  Once the coax cable was replaced, I no longer had the constant problems.


Check to see if you have the latest zoom client.  As of 11/28.2023, the latest mac os client is 5.16.10

Release notes for macOS - Zoom Support


what is your:

mac os version and

mac os zoom client version


I suggest:


a.  completely remove your zoom client and install the latest zoom client

Uninstalling and reinstalling the Zoom application - Zoom Suppor


b. connect your mac powerbook directly to your router.


c.  run network connectivity tool

Zoom Network Connectivity Tool - Zoom Support


d.  test your video

Testing your video - Zoom Support


e.  review troubleshooting video crashes

Troubleshooting Zoom video crashes - Zoom Support


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thanks,  eliot