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Hi helpful community 


I am very new to zoom and I need some advice

I have a website that books online therapy to client

the booking software when a client books has an api they connect to zoom

my staff (psychologists) when a client chooses them it send both the client and the staff a zoom link

It does this because i set them up as a licensed user in zoom and the booking plugin reads the data and allows me to connect that zoom account to that staff member all works

Here is my question

in zoom when i setup the users (with there email address) I am not sure how to 

1. do I set them up as admin or member

2. How do i get or give them their usernames and passwords so they can login to zoom and if they need to change that zoom meeting time and date. also how do they login to zoom to change all these settings

3. Setup a new meeting ie I am happy for them to use this zoom account for all there needs 

4. I am admin however I never actually run a zoom session can i assign one of the new staff my license and make my license basic.