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"Failed to detect microphone and speaker. Please make sure your devices are properly connected."


Hello, I've run into an issue with my Zoom meetings and my microphone. My computer is a MinisForum HX90 running Windows 11 Pro Version 22H2, and my Zoom version is Version: 5.16.10 (26186).


My Zoom was running fine yesterday, but this afternoon a pop-up window said "Failed to detect microphone and speaker. Please make sure your devices are properly connected." Running "Test speaker and Microphone", the ringtone plays fine, but any microphone I select shows the same frozen input level. The input level varies from 9 bars to 2 bars when I close and open the meeting or I reset the system, but it is always frozen across all microphones selected.


My microphone is a USB-connected Samson Q2U. Here are a few things I've tried to address the problem:

  • Made sure I'm not muted
  • Plugged out and in the microphone's USB port to check for loose connection.
  • Restarted and turned off/on the system.
  • Uninstalled then reinstalled Zoom.
  • As per youtube videos, went to System > Privacy and Security > Microphone to ensure that "Let apps access your microphone" and "Let desktop apps access your microphone" are enabled.
  • In Zoom Audio settings > Advanced, I set Signal processing by Windows audio device drivers to Off (Windows - Raw). Hovering over "Test Mic" it says "There seems to be an issue with your microphone, please select a different device and try again", but the message remains the same even when I plugged in different USB microphones or used the default built-in microphone.
  • Updated driver for the Samson Q2U microphone
  • Checked for Windows update (there was an optional driver update for Western Digital Corporation - Western Digital NAS, I did it but I don't think that's relevant)
  • Tested the microphone by running it on voice recorders. Works fine. In System > Sound > Properties the slider on the input volume does increase too, meaning its most likely an issue with Zoom rather than the microphone itself.

I hope this information was useful. Please do let me know if I may offer further information to help solve this issue. Thank you for reading



Before I updated to 5.16.10 (26186) (64-bit) version, audio is ok
- when I update to lastest version, audio is faile

I test the same Mr Tonic method, google Meet use mic ok, voice recorder is ok

- Only zoom can not hear anything form mic.

please support us