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live performance mode not sharing midi audio


Hi there,


My music partner and i have been enjyoing playing together over zoom using live performance audio mode.  We both use audio interfaces and mics during the sessions and all the audio from the mics is transmitting well. However, neither of us is able to hear the other play midi instruments in Logic Pro. In 'original sound for musicians' mode this was not a problem. 


Is there a way to share this audio in live performance mode? 


Thank you for your help!



Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Can you provide more information on the audio signal flow from Logic into Zoom?

Thank you. I'm using a UAD Apollo Twin interface. Normally when I used 'Original Sound For Musicians' and selected the UAD for input and output, other participants would hear all the audio from Logic. This isn't happening with the new 'Live Musicians Mode'. 

The other participant is playing midi piano through Logic on his end, with a similar i/o 

@bstrelko any thoughts?