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Zoom Workplace keyboard shortcut overrides custom Word 365 shortcut


My Zoom app recently updated to Zoom Workplace and now includes the "create clips" facility. There is a keyboard shortcut built in (Ctrl+Alt+C) that opens that window even when Zoom is closed. Unfortunately it is a keyboard shortcut that I had set up for use in Word and it's one that I use *all the time* 😞 I have disabled the clips feature in Zoom, but that keyboard shortcut now seems to have been irrevocably allocated to that function, so when I type it in Word, nothing happens, and I can't allocate it to the function I had allocated it to any more. I've set up a new shortcut in Word, but even so this is driving me nuts because my use of that shortcut is so automatic that I'm forever using it and getting confused about why nothing has happened. 


Does anyone know how to wrest control of my shortcut back from Zoom? 


UPDATE: The problem resolved itself at some point during the day yesterday (no restart or anything, not related to anything I did). Most mysterious -- but thank you, Zoom, if it was because of some update you made!