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ZOOM with connected hearing aids?



This is a matter of current interest because my husband is not a licensed ZOOM user. He just keeps the basic free account which, I recently discovered, does not work. He gets the audio channel in a ZOOM meeting but his cameral, although on, transmits just a black image to the screen and meeting host. I keep a personal paid ZOOM account and have confirmed this by inviting him to my meeting room. I do not know whether software for the hearing aids has conscripted a channel that might otherwise have been used for the image.  Have had no success in the attempt to discover if two users, specifically my husband and I can share one licensed account, I thought I might be able to add him to that as a basic user to see if using a different ZOOM account made a difference, although I suspect it may not.   I loath to purchase another license with significant risk that it still may not work. I should also mention that the intended function for his ZOOM use is medical appointments.