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Users and Licenses


With the recent changes, I'm trying to understand if multiple users can use one license.  Prior to July 2022 one license on our Pro account would allow for two users to host a meeting at the same time.  Is that still a possibility?  And if so, what is the process to set the users in that way.  Also, is the 40 minute limit for all meetings, even if it is just 1:1?  I saw a question from @SBCSupport and the answer said a basic user had the 40 minute limit for 3 or more people in a meeting.


Community Champion | Employee
Community Champion | Employee

My name is Brandon. Thanks for joining the Zoom Community! As of June 28th basic users are no longer allowed to have the 40 minute limit restriction lifted for 1:1 meetings. Please see reference below.


As for multiple users using one account. Zoom TOS (Terms of Service) does not allow multiple users sharing the same account. You can use scheduling privileges or concurrent licenses if you would like for your users to share one Zoom account in your organization. 




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How do I setup concurrent licenses.   We have a business account with multiple users.  Can you provide more information on scheduling privileges and concurrent licenses?


Licensing is based per-user.

Licensing for Business+ accounts allows two concurrent meetings per user. - If you are needing users to host more than 2 meetings at a time, reach out to your account executive to discuss needs.

For scheduling privilege, each user needs their own license.  You cannot assign scheduling privilege to some one who is not licensed -

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