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Unable to record


I am trying to record my meetings (as a host). However, zoom does not even display the button on my screen to do it. I have tried everything, as well as making sure that recording is enable, but still don't have anything showing up. 


I'm doing with my chrome computer and have the free version 


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hi @domenicajc1 , 


Are you recognized as the host of the meeting? Check the Participants panel and see if it says Host next to your name. Second, are you using Zoom on your browser or the Zoom desktop client?

Yes I am and I'm checking on both zoom browser and the app version and neither gives me a chance to record 

@alena_zlc I am having a similar issue. Two of my users don't see a record button at all. And two of them do see the record button.