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Share screen won't work via airplay OR via cable




I have Mac Sonoma and I have the most updated iPad Air and I'm trying to share my screen via Airplay (which won't connect) and via cable (which just stands at a paused black screen and when I press play it stays paused). Please help. 


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Just to confirm, you've already followed the 2 sets of instructions here, correct?


Can you confirm the following?

1.) Version of iOS on the iPad Air

2.) Version of Zoom on the Mac

3.) Version of Zoom on the iPad Air

4.) Whether or not you've already rebooted both devices as a troubleshooting step

Yes, I have followed the instructions provided in that article. I've tried multiple times. I've tried restarting all my devices. I've tried deleting/uninstalling and then re-downloading zoom. 

Here is my following confirmations

1)iPad Air version iPadOS 16.6.1

2) Zoom on mac is 5.16.2

3)Zoom on iPad Air - 5.16.2

4)Yes, I've rebooted

I've also gone to a tech center at my university and they did everything as well and told me to contact you guys because they couldn't figure out the problem. 

Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Copy that. Since this is a Zoom Community forum and not Zoom Support, I'd recommend reaching out to Zoom Support if you believe you have a bug. Someone here may have a solution, but it seems as though you are following Zoom's documented steps to make this work already.