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Start Meeting without me


I'd like to know how to allow anyone to start a meeting that I have organized, without me. I will be on vacation and need a team member to conduct meetings already set up with clients.


I've already turned waiting room off,  and chose "allow participants to join before host". I got my colleague to test it, but it's still not allowing her to start the meeting without me.


The meetings are set up inside Outlook, connected with the Zoom app, but if I go to - the meetings aren't listed there, so I'm unable to add an "Alternative host".


Pls help


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

If the meetings are not listed in your Zoom account online (via Upcoming Meetings), they are not synced to your Zoom account (or potentially in 'past meetings'). When you start one of these meetings (as a test) and click on the shield in the upper-left corner of the screen, does it tell you who the host is?


This will inform next steps.