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I have a personal Zoom account, that I had somehow connected to my work email address through Outlook to send invites through Zoom but using Outlook. I was trying to figure out a way to send the Zoom invites through both my personal email address for other personal business and somehow erased my work email address from Zoom. ANd now, anytime I launch my Zoom from my standing meeting from Outlook (work email) it says I am not the host and nobody in the meeting is able to screen share.  

Anybody have these issues and know how to resolve? 




Community Champion | Employee
Community Champion | Employee

Hello @hfnoriega


 There are a couple of different ways that you can resolve this. One is that you can go into Outlook click on settings > accounts > remove the work email zoom account in outlook and add the correct account that you would like to use in outlook. 


2. Is you can go into your and go to other > edit or delete (remove) the calendar integration that you have and then re-add the correct calendar integration. Screenshot below. 

Screenshot 2023-12-15 at 2.28.19 PM.png

Basically, you need to associate the Zoom account email with the correct outlook account email and sync them up. If you have issues with this, I am happy to join you in a meeting and we can work on it together. 

Brandon (he/him/his)
Zoom Community Champion
Have you heard of Zoom AI Companion?