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People joining meetings can't see previous chats


Hi all, 

I have a pro account, which apparently doesn't have live support. I am running into an issue where when someone joins my meeting, there is no chat history for them. I can see all the chats that have been said so for but they can't see it. I basically need to repost any messages for the new participates to see it and the old participates then see it multiple times in the chat. How can I fix this so any time someone joins or leaves and rejoins they can see the chat history? 


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Welcome to the Zoom Community, @GregFrank.


The Zoom servers generally don't keep a history of the chat in memory... the send it to the attendees and, if enabled, write it to a log file for recording purposes.  Anyone who leaves and returns misses the chat that occurred while they were away.


There are two things that will help:

  1. Continuous Meeting Chat.  When properly enabled and configured, you can allow all attendees to access the chat in Zoom Team Chat.  See this Zoom blog for some information:
  2. Using AI Companion's "Ask A Question" feature.  This allows an attendee to type a question into AI Companion, such as "What did I miss?" and "Was my name mentioned?"  It's not perfect, but pretty good.  See this Zoom Support article for more information on this feature: 

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Hi, Continuous Chat is currently enabled. But when people join and leave our meetings they loss chat history including the host. 

There is nothing in the zoom meeting chat (clicking the chat button) or in the Team Chat link on the site.