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No audio from Screen Sharing computer


Hi, running a meeting as host that allows screen share. A user tries to share their screen. The share audio box is checked. In theirs settings all audio is "Same as System". All the others in the meeting can see the screen share but no audio from what is playing from their desktop. On all the the other users, at the top of the screen share shows that the share is sharing audio.

All users on using Zoom 6.0.11


Host of the meeting is using Mac OS 11.6
User sharing screen is using Mac OS 14.5


User sharing has gone into OS settings -> Privacy -> Screen& System Audio Recording and it is turned on

We've been doing this for the past 3+ years and has worked great.

Today it doesn't work any longer. Any ideas?


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

What application/source are you sharing when this issue is present and to which audio output on the local machine is it assigned?

The application being viewed is Davinci Resolve. The audio output assigned on the machine is “same as system”

Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

You've provided the output assigned to Zoom, as MacOS will not present 'same as System' as an option (it is the system). Words are important, please be clear.


I specifically asked which output the application being shared is assigned to - in this case, which audio output on the host Mac is Resolve currently using?

The audio output assigned in the application, in this case davinci resolve, is “system audio”

All these were answered in my original post.