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Microphone not working hourly or every 30 minutes


I host a church service every Sunday, logging in at 10am for the service to run from 10.30-11.30.  At 11.00 on the dot, a message appears on the laptop to the effect that the mic is not working and to try another one, which cuts out the sound to those online.  You can resolve this by either unplugging the USB mic and plugging it back in, or clicking on the mic dropdown, selecting a different mic then going straight back to the correct one.  Today our service overran and we had the same problem at 11.30.  

This is with two different Windows 11 laptops.  Has anyone experienced this and found a fix to stop it happening?  


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

It sounds like you identified your own issue. If you are using a USB device most likely that USB device is behaving intermittently. Suggest you try a different USB port on the computer with a different USB cable if possible.

Thanks, but why does it regularly fail on the hour or half hour (regardless of the time we start the meeting?)  It happens on at least two different laptops.  Could look at a different USB cable but it seems odd that it's such a specific time.