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Live Streaming App issue - Custom is greyed out


I am trying to stream to a Facebook Group and since the 22nd April, 24 removal of third-party apps to do this I have to use a Zoom to do this. I turned on the ability via the switch on the desktop zoom account to allow integrations and apps. I did try to do a custom setup and it had an error so I removed it - and now the custom section is greyed out - I am beyond trying to work out what zoom setting needs changing. I have turned on and off the switch - reset the app - still nothing - any thoughts... Kind of desperate.


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

This setting needs to be enabled at both the Admin and User/Personal level.


Also, use a new Meeting; reusing an existing or recurring meeting can be problematic, since the old Custom RTMP info is “connected” to the meeting. 

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