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Linux - Zoom freezes mid-meeting for no apparent reason and restarts by itself


I have been using Linux Mint Matte for work and since then the meetings have been freezing randomly. I have already tried avoiding different tools and even restarting the meeting manually before everybody entered. Sometimes it goes a week without freezing, but sometimes it freezes three times during the same meeting, within one hour. I do not think I have identified anything in common when it happens, but maybe it has something to do with screen sharing. Supposedly, there is an automated message that is send everytime this happens, but so far, no difference has shown up.


Also, it seems that, even with the updates, the Linux version is well behind the Windows ones, not receiving the attention it needs. It is quite annoying and I have been considering switching to another platform.



I have had the same issues here.  I see it more often if I have more than one Firefox instance open, but I'm not sure it is at all related.  I am running OpenSUSE Tumbleweed and the issue for me always happens during a screen sharing event, whether it is me or someone else.  It could be a start, end, or just during.  It is random in that it doesn't always happen, it may not happen over a couple days even, but sometimes it will happen multiple times in the same day.  My entire system freezes and I am forced to reboot.

I have Zoom Workplace 6.1.1 b443 and it is still occurring.

Zoom crashes in general started for me when they introduced chat to the client, but the system freezes seem to coincide with the introduction of whiteboard and the "draw on screen shares" functionality.


I also agree that the Linux version is far too behind on features compared to the Windows version.