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Integrate zoom Meeting in Microsoft Bookings


Is there an option to integrate my zoom meeting id in MS Bookings, so customers booking an appointment via my calendar will directly receive the zoom-link for the meeting. Right know I have only found a way to generate a link to MS Teams. But I have experienced zoom being a more stable  connection compared to MS Teams. That's why I still pay for a zoom account although I could as well use Teams within my O365 licence.

Does anyone have an idea or an experience to this challenge?



Came across this same query and would also like to know if they are solutions for this that won't require 3rd party software and or account.


Here is my process:

  1. Create a repeating zoom meeting exclusive to each of your Bookings "services". The meeting name shows up in the zoom invite, so I make the name something client and marketing friendly.
  2. Copy that meeting's invite  or meeting link to your clipboard
  3. In the Bookings service >edit Settings >notifications, add custom notification text and paste in the zoom invite/link.  If I paste the invite, I'll edit after pasting to remove excess and redundant chaff such as extra phone numbers, date and time, etc. Again, to make it easy for the client. The link is usually the easiest unless the client wants to join by phone.

Now anytime a client/user books that service, they automatically receive the zoom meeting details. 


For added client usability, I set up auto reminders and include the zoom meeting details there as well. This way the client can open any of the emails related to that event and quickly access meeting details.

This is pretty insecure.  Anyone with the previous meeting link could drop in to a subsequent meeting as easily as clicking their old meeting link.   Let's not forget the Zoom Bombing that happened early in COVID because of insecure meeting links. 

Activate waiting room for that meeting ID if it's a concern. Problem solved.

That, still is not a great solution. And is a distraction to the presenter. However, if that is the only workaround until something else is added then so be it

This is how I have managed this for the past year. To make the email link a little "cleaner" I run a short link which is also handy, if that previous meeting is getting spammed (I've not had this happen yet though) I can easily change it and the short links all will point to the new meeting instantly.


Then you can also include the short link in SMS reminders 15 mins before the meeting for example.


My only frustration is the buffer times in outlook.

The link shortener is a great tip Ryan! Thanks for sharing.

I did not quite understand this part. How do you easily change it? And including the short link in SMS would be a different or second link?

I have a short link gizmo on a small domain (eg: abc(dot)com) and I can go edit the link, so abc(dot)com/joinzoom = [zoom link 1].

I just run a recurring meeting with welcome room, so unless I launch and host, nobody can enter, and then I just trigger it whenever I need it, clients sometimes join before I do, and I get an email saying they are there.

oh, the second question - I sms the same link

Thanks for clarifying, @RyanG!


I do this also... but I find that sometimes/somehow the individual booking the meeting ends up changing the default description of the zoom meeting.  So it changes from "30 Min Zoom Meeting" to "Meet with <Joe Smith>" in my Zoom account which becomes visible to the next person booking.  Anyone know of a way to prevent the meeting description from changing?


Can I still do the following with this work-around?

  • The ability to share my availability, according to my outlook calendar, with people outside of our org?  
  • Give people a link and they pick a day in a calendar layout, and they see the open time slots.
  • Automatically include a zoom link in the meeting invite?
  • Allow me to incorporate the appointment finder in a link that I can include in any email that I send?


Based on the proposed work-around, yes, you can still do the items listed.