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recording playback problem


I frequently pay for audiobook acting lessons which my teachers record on Zoom and send to me as Mp4s. For two or three years, I have had no trouble playing those recordings on my Macmini computer (2022 model). I have a free Zoom account

Several months ago I began having awful problems whenever I played back a Zoom recording sent to me. The recording screen would freeze. The recorded image and background screens in other applications (if they were open) would bounce around the monitor screen. The recording screen would disappear and reappear. My cursor would disappear so that I wouldn't be able to close windows. Often the sound would continue okay, I just wouldn't be able to control my screen anymore. I certainly couldn't open or close other applications while the recording was going. The only way I could get any control was by shutting the computer down manually. When I booted up the computer and re-accessed the recording, it would playback well for a while, then the same problems would occur

I have had several Apple senior advisors work on this problem for me. They have not been able to help. Sometimes when the Apple people enter my screen they can see the problem happening. Although the problem ALWAYS happens when I try to view a recording, on two occasions, I couldn't get it to happen when an Apple advisor was screen sharing.

In order to view one recorded lesson my teacher put the recording on Youtube. When I tried to view the lesson through Youtube on Safari, I had the same problems described above. When I viewed the recording through Youtube on Chrome, I had no problem.

Apple cannot find anything wrong with my computer that is causing this. They told me I should contact Zoom.

I would very much appreciate any help you can give.