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How to stop Active speaker in a recording between two people


I am new to using Zoom and hope someone can help

I have a regular "one to one" meeting with my Guitar tutor and have started to use Zoom, whereby we are talking and playing , A big part of this is the technical guitar playing demonstrations by my Tutor ..

In my view during the meeting my Tutor is in the large screen view and I am shown in a smaller panel . This is perfect for me.

But when I record the meeting and view the completed recording it constantly switches between my Tutor and me in the large view depending it seems on who is talking or playing.  , I think this is something to do with Active speaker settings ? I'm not certain though.

I really want to stop a recording from doing this , as I want the recording to be the same as the actual live meeting view without the constant switching., Can anyone advise how I can achieve that please (will need some practical settings .. ) thank you kindly.



I have the same problem. Did you find any solution? 


In a recording between two people, you can use the "mute" or "pause" option to silence the active speaker. With the use of this feature, you can temporarily turn off the active speaker's microphone and muffle their audio input while the other person speaks. This can help to reduce interruptions or background noise during a recorded discussion. You can make sure that the audio focus stays on the person you want to record or emphasise in the recording by muting or pausing the active speaker.