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Hellp with the LIVE STREAM APP not loading!!!


Hello Epic Zoomans, HELP needed asap…


So I promised my community I would do them a how-to on connecting the LIVE STREAMING app in Zoom to their FB groups so they can still stream and stop the panic.


This is where I have a problem; I can’t fricken connect myself to add channels, then add the details etc, I've added the app, but when I go to open it, the wheel of doom goes around.


I have deleted, re-installed, and even opened a new Zoom to check.


Basically, I tried everything…


People are waiting on me arrrhhhh, anyone please HEEEELLLPPP!!!




Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer


Thank you, yes i have found this, and I understand all the steps, but once I open my meeting launch the app button at the bottom, click live stream app, the wheel of doom just turns and it does not open. I wish I could share a screenshot here

I am having the exact same issue... a grey wheel of death! Did you find a way to solve it?

No, unfortunately, it's still doing the same, although I see it works for other people.  There is a another way also, but its proving super slow for me, I get back to you if it fully works x

Anyone reading - I resolved this by downloading the desktop version of zoom. Now I have a new issue of a continual error message when trying to go live saying it can't connect and to refresh the app 😞

I am having the same issue as you are. I was with Zoom before and left. I just recently restarted but I'm already thinking of cancelling my subscription and going elsewhere.